Updating your Google maps location

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Google Maps

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to set the location of your Google Maps in your contact page. The process is fairly straight forward. Go to:


Enter your location, best to do this by address, city, state/province and country.


100 Aldersmith Place, Victoria, BC, Canada

Google should pull up your location.

Now, open the ‘contact‘ page in your web editor.

Switch to Design view.

Click on the big grey rectangle in the page to select it, this is you Google Map iframe.

Switch to Code view.

Select and delete the entire block of code starting with:

<iframe width…

ending with


as in this screenshot, and delete.. this is where your going to paste the new code you’re about to copy from the Google Maps webpage.

Once deleted, go back to your Google Maps webpage.

Click the ( Link ) icon ( left side of page, next to the “Print” icon )

Once you click the ‘Link’ icon, a small pop out window will open, and give you the option to copy the link to this page, to to copy the HTML code for pasting into your webpage.

Select ALL the <iframe.. code located in the [ Paste HTML to embed into website ] and copy ( Ctrl + C ).

Go back to your contact page.

Place your cursor into the black section where you recently deleted the default Google Maps code.

Paste ( Ctrl+V ) the new code copied from the Google Maps Site.

Save and your done!